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Upcoming Events

Tuesday December 12th, 2023 7:30pm

New Moon Gathering! 

 Intention Circle!

Set your intentions with the cycles of the moon, remove all that does not serve you. Bring Love, prosperity, the power to do good and health into your life. 

* Bring offerings for the God and Goddess. I.e. Fruit, flowers etc. 

* Wear all black.

* $20 to participate

* All welcome.

* Adults only.


Friday October 13th-November 5th


The Haunting of Hexwood

Canada's First Haunted Town!

Get your tickets:


Book your personal class by email or call 416-887-2710

 Ana's Candle Magic Course!

Set your intentions with Candle Magic! This course covers: 

Candle colors and their meaning

* Best days to do your intention setting

* Herbs that correspond  to magic spells

* How to carve your candles and wording of intention setting.

* $ 150 to participate

* All welcome.

* Transfer $ 25 to reserve your spot &


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